Timothy Holmes

"I am continually stimulated by the beauty of the curve and the sensuality of a simple line; it is an ongoing challenge to look and feel with my heart and not with my head. This is essential  in creating work which has soul; sculpture that has the power to touch; the power to open a conversation with the viewer."

Timothy Holmes moved to the Languedoc region of southern Fance in 1994, following in the footsteps of great masters like Picasso and Matisse in order to benefit from the translucent natural light and draw inspiration from the beautiful Mediterranean environment.

He sculpts full time in his studio in Usclas du Bosc, a 12th century village on the pilgrimage route of St. Jacques de Compostella.

Tim is passionate about wood, its warmth, texture, scent and feel. He uses a variety of local woods including cypress, cedar, chestnut and boxwood; and casts all his original wood sculptures into bronze limited editions.

He studied at Kensington and Chelsea School of Art, the John Makepeace School for Craftsmen as well as an apprenticeship in aeronautical engineering at British Aerospace.

To receive an Invitation to Timothy's forthcoming solo show in London 2011, please email your name and address with the email link below.

E-mail: TalbottHolmes@gmail.com

Phone: +33 (0) 467 4473 07 or +33 (0) 616 76 20 90

Post:    34700 Usclas du Bosc, Montpellier, France


2006 Hanak Museum, Vienna, Austria

2002 The Orangery, Holland Park, London. L'Envie de Toucher.

2000 The Royal Society of British Sculptors, South Kensington, London.

1999 Carrefour des Trois Fontaines, Montpellier, France. (Group Show).

1997 Foyer Rurale du Culture et d'Art, Les Salces, France.

1995 L'Art du Maison, Brussels.

1994 Emerging Forms, Royal Botanical Gardens, Edinburgh. (Group Show).

1992 Living Wood, Lancashire County Museum. (Group Show).







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